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Leaning_tower_of_Pisa Pisa_Miracle_Square Pisa_Arno_River Pisa

A 1 hour drive from la Fucina the famous city of Pisa has the iconic Leaning Tower (“Campanile”) and the Field of Miracles (“Campo dei Miracoli”) which houses the cathedral (“Duomo), Baptistry and tower.  

Other interesting sights include:

  • Knights' Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri), where the Palazzo della Carovana, with its impressive façade designed by Giorgio Vasari.
  • In the same place is the church of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, also by Vasari.
  • Also close to the square is the small church of St. Sixtus.
  • The church of St. Francis, designed by Giovanni di Simone, built after 1276.
  • Church of San Frediano, built by 1061, has a basilica interior with three aisles, with a crucifix from the 12th century. Sixteenth century paintings were added during a restoration, including works by Ventura Salimbeni, Domenico Passignano, Aurelio Lomi, and Rutilio Manetti.
  • Church of San Nicola, built by 1097, was enlarged between 1297 and 1313 by the Augustinians, perhaps by the design of Giovanni Pisano. The octagonal belfry is from the second half of the 13th century. The paintings include the Madonna with Child by Francesco Traini (14th century) and St. Nicholas Saving Pisa from the Plague (15th century).
  • The small church of Santa Maria della Spina, attributed to Lupo di Francesco (1230), is another excellent Gothic building.
  • The church of San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno, founded around 952 and enlarged in the mid-12th century along lines similar to those of the Cathedral.
  • The Borgo Stretto, a neighborhood with medieval arcades and the Lungarno, the avenues along the river Arno. It includes the Gothic-Romanesque church of San Michele in Borgo (990). Remarkably, there are at least two other leaning towers in the city, one at the southern end of central Via Santa Maria, the other halfway through the Piagge riverside promenade.
  • The Medici Palace
  • The Orto botanico di Pisa is Europe's oldest university botanical garden.
  • The Palazzo Reale ("Royal Palace)
  • Palazzo Gambacorti, a Gothic building of the 14th century, is now the town hall. The interior shows frescoes boasting Pisa's sea victories.
  • Palazzo Agostini, a Gothic building also known as Palazzo dell'Ussero, with its 15th century façade and remains of the ancient city walls dating back to before 1155.
  • The mural Tuttomondo, the last public work of Keith Haring, on the rear wall of the convent of the Church of Sant'Antonio, painted in June 1989.

Pisa also boasts several museums.